Hello friends and listeners!

The last few years…wow. So many things have been so challenging. The world seems to be going through such difficult growing pains right now, our earth is threatened, our country/world is divided, social media bombards us with both the important and the trivial…it can all be so overwhelming! And yet, there are simple pleasures that I return to again and again that restore my soul and help me cope — like watching sunsets, taking walks, going to the ocean, and music.

I'm a big believer in the healing power of music. I've written some songs specifically so that listeners can sing along and maybe change their mood for the better. Other songs are meant to make you get up and move your body, maybe even dance…

I hope you'll browse around and listen to my eclectic offerings — jazz! electronic dance music! AAA pop! Just keep listening until you find something you like.

Thanks again for checking out my website.

Stay well,

Susannah B Premieres Her Bumping New Single "Moon & Sand" (j.wells Remix)

"One of the signs of a truly great musician is how musically adventurous they are. If they can move out of their musical comfort zone and still sound good, then you know this isn’t just any Tom, Dick, or Harry."
-Aaron Willschick , V13

Moon & Sand Single